Ice Race – Jan 31, 2015

Online registration for the ice race this coming Saturday, January 31 is now open online here and will close at 7 PM this Friday. Folks that do not register online will have to register in person.

This is a night race so please see the schedule below:

12:00 PM – Registration & tech inspection
1:00 PM – Driver meeting & practice
1:30 PM – Races start
9:00 PM – Last race, clean up track
9:30 PM – Clean up

Entry Fee $60
Requires: current membership & competition license
Payments: cash, check, card

Everyone will be expected to help clean up and bring corner works (every driver must bring at least one volunteer).

Lunch will not be provided, please make sure to bring drinks & snacks.

Historic Photos & Club Patch!

We have been given the awesome opportunity of digitalizing two photo albums of old photos from various events of the past. Even more, one of the photo albums had an old club patch in pristine condition on the front of it! We will be working hard to get these scanned, hopefully dated, and shared with everyone else.

We love that we are able to help preserve our club’s history as seen through the eyes of others!


Ice Race Supplemental Rules Update

All participants for the 2015 ice race season please make note of the recent supplemental rules:

All competitors are required to bring a volunteer to help with flagging corners, or any other duties necessary to safely run the event. Volunteers are reminded to dress warmly, and may need to stand out in the cold for extended periods of time.

Unlike recent years, lunch will not be provided at the track. During our short lunch break, there will not be enough time to leave the lake to get lunch, so plan on bringing your own.

Ice Race Registration Open

Online registration is now open for the January 10 event. All payments will be taken in person, however we strongly recommend completing the form online. This not only saves time during registration, but also lets us save paper!

You can complete the form online here:

Note: All entrants must have a current paid membership and competition license.