Club Info & History

The Alaska Sports Car Club was incorporated in 1958 with the following purpose(s)

  1. To organize a group of sports car owners and enthusiasts in order to enable them to get maximum use and enjoyment from sports car ownership and operation.

  2. To dispense technical information to aid in the proper care and operation of sports cars.

  3. To establish rules and regulations covering all activities of the Club.

  4. To promote and sanction road racing within the State of Alaska.

  5. To encourage careful, skillful and courteous driving on public highways.

  6. To perform and contribute to charitable works in the community.

  7. To own real and personal property as incidental to the foregoing purposes.

We are more famously known for the production of the Fur Rondy Grand Prix on the downtown streets of Anchorage. It became known as the longest running street race in North America, at one point surpassing the Long Beach Grand Prix, the race met its demise after the 2009 event due to budget, traffic and political reasons.


Our club has a long history of Ice Racing on various lakes, for the past 20 years we have almost exclusively raced out on Big Lake. Stay tuned for our next season schedule.


Tanacross as we call it is held every year on Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. The event is held at the Tanacross BLM airfield by Tok, Alaska and is our only remaining road racing venue in the state.


As we are a promoter of all things cool, we also host the Super Stock Trucks as part of our Ice Racing program, hold Autocrosses from time to time, have time trial events at Tanacross, and look to start a true Rally Cross program in the state.


More importantly, as of August 2010 we are a fully chartered Lions Specialty Club – in a nut shell we are not just a bunch of selfish racers. Not only do proceeds from our events benefit community programs, but we also enjoy hosting fun charitable events such as scavenger hunts, and the Toasty Toes for the Homeless sock and boot drive.



Club Incorporated

1963 October

Palmer Grand Prix

1970 February

Pedro Rodriguez, 1st place in the 24-hour Daytona Continental endurance race, participates in the 3rd Annual North American Ice Racing Championship


Judy Smith, Baja 1000 driver, participates in the North American Ice Racing Championship


Bob Bondurant, creator of the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving, participates in the Fur Rondy Grand Prix


Dennis Aase, professional I.M.S.A. driver with Dan Gurney's Factory Toyota Team, participates in the Fur Rondy Grand Prix


Christian Cook, then Vice President of American Challenge, and Matt Melby, then an instructor at the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving, both participate in the Fur Rondy Grand Prix

2010 FALL

Club chartered as a Lions Club

2012 MAY

Derrick with CorkSport joins the club at our spring Tanacross events for wheel to wheel racing.


Hot Rod Magazine participated in a club ice race during the Winter Festival. View Road Kill episode #1and episode #2 on YouTube.