Over 30 Years Of Racing History

Held in conjunction with the annual Anchorage Fur Rendezvous Winter Carnival, the Anchorage Fur Rondy Grand Prix has been the premier event of the Alaska Sports Car Club for over 30 years. A street race held in Anchorage on city streets in February, the event started in 1960 as a three day mid-week event (qualifying, heat races, and then feature on last day). In 1964, it went to the traditional Saturday & Sunday format. The Good Friday Quake of 1964 destroyed one of the streets used for the track, so event moved to Sand Lake as an ice racing extravaganza operating under the Fur Rendezvous name at first and then the North American Ice Racing Championship in later years. In 1977, the event was back on city streets downtown where it featured snow berms as safety barriers. Notable guest drivers of the past include Chris Cook, Elliot Forbes-Robinson, Dennis Aase, and Bob Bondurant. For now, raw results data compiled from newspaper articles, ASCC timing and scoring sheets and old race programs are in an Excel Workbook. Default worksheet is overall class winners only, but source data can be seen in worksheets – one for each year. If you see something that doesn’t look right, drop us a line explaining what it is and what your evidence is and we'll correct it.

Bring Back The Grand Prix

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Fur Rondy Race Programs

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