Spring Tanacross 2019 Update

Registration & Forms

Online registration will close May 22 at 8pm. You will still be able to register and pay in person at the event.

Tanacross Information
Competition License
Club Membership

All Time Trial entrants must hold a current Competition License.

All Wheel to Wheel entrants must hold a current Competition License & current Membership.

Competition Licenses run April 1 - March 31. If you purchased one for Ice Racing at the beginning of the year, it expired March 31, 2019.

Event Raffle & Charity

All Wheel to Wheel and Time Trial registrants receive an entry into the raffle upon checking in with resignation and getting your wrist band.

Extra entries can be received by anyone that donates at the event. Raffle will take place during the Saturday potluck. 

Donations can be cash, check or card. All proceeds donated, along with 10% of all entry fees, will be going to Alaska SPCA to help their amazing program.


  • Window Tint courtesy of CCA Motorsport

  • Free Fall Tanacross Time Trial entry

  • Gift Cards to Peppercini’s Deli & Catering

  • Car Wash Certificates at Kendall Lexus of Alaska

  • VP Lubricants

Event Sponsors


Planning Reminders

  • Be sure to stock up on plenty of food and bring lots of water and beverages to stay hydrated - it gets hot with all the sun!

  • Campfires must be kept of reasonable size and low intensity, bonfires are prohibited by AK Division of Forestry.

  • Don’t forget to bring a side for the Potluck on Saturday night, this is an event tradition and a great time to mingle.

  • Corner Workers will be provided water and sandwiches, but should remember to bring their own sunscreen, chair and snacks - you’ll be out there for a while when working.

We look forward to sharing this awesome racing and camping weekend with you and wish you safe travels on your way to Tok!

Camping & Venue Rules

Camping is along the south taxiway (furthest from the river), 200 yards away from the runway/track.

Noise restrictions will be enforced, mufflers are required. BLM as quiet hours required from 7pm to 8pm - this applies to operation of anything with a motor/engine.

Fireworks are prohibited - do not bring any.

Speeds within camping/pits are 5MP (walking speed). There is a $50 fine for violating this. Cones and/or signs will mark each end.

Pets are welcome but are the responsibility of their owners and must be under control at all times. No pets are allowed on the track.

All pit and camping areas must be cleaned up before leaving the event. Any spot found in violation will be fined $50 by the Club.

Photographers are welcome, however you will be asked to stay quite far from the edge of the track. Make sure to bring a good telephoto lens for the best photos.

Event Supplementals (full PDF)

Event Schedule

07:00 AM - Finalize Track Setup (Friday/Saturday)
08:00 AM - Registration, Tech & Open Practice
09:00 AM - Driver Meeting
10:00 AM - Wheel to Wheel (Race 1)
11:00 AM - Wheel to Wheel (Race 2)
11:30 AM - Lunch Break
12:00 PM - Time Trial
01:45 PM - Wheel to Wheel (Race 3)
02:30 PM - Wheel to Wheel (Race 4)
03:15 PM - Wheel to Wheel (Race 5)
04:00 PM - Time Trial
07:00 PM - Quiet Time For All Engines
08:00 PM - Pot Luck (Saturday)

Schedule subject to change depending on number of entrants and volunteers to assist with helping on corners.

Time Trial may be split into 2 run groups depending on number of cars; with possibility to have additional runs between wheel to wheel heats. Minimum of 4.5 hours expected of just time trial drive times per day!

If we have enough interest, workers and time in the day we may work in some roll-racing! This is included in Time Trial and Wheel to Wheel entries; if not participating in those races we will still require at minimum a Competition License.

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