2019 Annual Meeting

This is an important meeting for our club as we elect board members and have the opportunity to make bylaw & rule changes. To accurately represent the wishes of our membership we would like to get the most possible members and potential members in attendance.

Our club is at a crossroads. We have had the same board members for many years, and as they resign we haven’t had anyone to replace them. The commitment is not hard… Attend one meeting per month plus the required job duties. The Treasurer and Secretary positions take the most time, 1-2 hours monthly. The biggest issue is doing the work consistently. Trustees generally show up for meetings and give feedback, annually they should call for an audit of the books. We are willing to train you!! None of this is difficult. Job descriptions can be found on page 8 of our bylaws.

If you want racing and time trials to continue - YOU should be there!

~ ASCC Lions Board of Directors

Alaska Sports Car Club