2019 Season
May 25 - May 26 / Aug 31 - Sep 1



Currently closed.


Event Supplementals (2019 Fall)
Drift Expo Supplementals
Season Schedule
Minor Waiver

Entry FEES

Wheel to Wheel - $250
Solo Time Trial + Drift Expo - $100

Wheel to Wheel requires membership
All entrants require a competition license.
Time Trial does not need to submit a physical for comp license.


All Prior Results
2019 Spring Tanacross



  • Membership

  • Competition License

  • Helmet (SA2010 or newer)

  • Wristbands (at registration)

  • 5-point seatbelt

  • Fire Suit

  • Fire extinguisher

Refer to Competition Rules for all requirements.


  • IT

  • GTU

  • GTO

  • GTX

  • Legends



  • Competition License (physical not required)

  • Helmet (M or SA2010 or newer)

  • Wristbands (at registration)

  • 3-point seatbelt

  • Fire Extinguisher

Refer to Competition Rules for all requirements.


Hosted by Alaska Sports Car Club × Alaska Drift Union


  • Competition License (physical not required)

  • Helmet (M or SA2010 or newer)

  • Wristbands (at registration)

  • 3-point seatbelt

  • Fire Extinguisher

Refer to additional Drift Expo Rules for all requirements.



07:00 AM - Finalize Track Setup (Saturday)
08:00 AM - Registration, Tech & Open Practice
09:00 AM - Driver Meeting
10:00 AM - Wheel to Wheel (Race 1)
11:00 AM - Wheel to Wheel (Race 2)
11:30 AM - Lunch Break
12:00 PM - Time Trial
01:45 PM - Wheel to Wheel (Race 3)
02:30 PM - Wheel to Wheel (Race 4)
03:15 PM - Wheel to Wheel (Race 5)
04:00 PM - Time Trial
06:00 PM - Drift Expo NEW
08:00 PM - Quiet Time For All Engines
08:30 PM - Pot Luck (Saturday)

Schedule subject to change depending on number of entrants and volunteers to assist with helping on corners.

Time Trial may be split into 2 run groups depending on number of cars; with possibility to have additional runs between wheel to wheel heats. Minimum of 4.5 hours expected of just time trial drive times per day!


10% of all proceeds from each will be donated to Alaska SPCA.

Previous Charities

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters

  • Alaska Animal Rescue Friends

  • Covenant House

  • School Supplies Drive

  • PTSD Dogs for Veterans

  • Alaska SPCA

  • Wounded Warrior Project

Tanacross, our major weekend camping event held semiannually every Memorial Day and Labor Day at Tanacross Airport. Also a summer event, Tanacross is comprised of two different racing events; Wheel to Wheel and Time Trials. 

In both racing events, a course is set up using orange cones to navigate you through a series of sharp turns, slaloms, and speed zones. 

Wheel to Wheel, the Tanacross main event, takes place with five or more competitors from a range of classes, competing on course at the same time! Racers get approximately 10 laps in each of four races throughout both Saturday and Sunday. In Wheel to Wheel, the person with the fastest RAW time of the day gets bragging rights.

Time Trials take place in between Wheel to Wheel races both Saturday and Sunday. Just like Autocrossing, Time Trialers competete on course  one at a time, for the fastest time of the day (FTD). There is a PAX taken into consideration. What is a PAX? In lamens terms, PAX is a 'handicap' provided to different cars by applying a multiplier to the times of 'less favorable' vehicles.

If you haven't been to Tanacross before, you're missing out on Alaska's Greatest Racing Weekend! The drive, regardless if your coming from Anchorge or Fairbanks, is through beautiful Alaskan landscapes caravaning with friends to Tanacross Village. A weekend filled with racing, camping, family dinners ('pot lucks' & Fred's Beans), fires, golfing, and more; there is literally fun for everyone, always a blast for the whole family!

The ASCLC Board gives a special 'Thank You!' to the cities of Tanacross & Tok, BLM, Burnham Construction & JD Refuse Service, Tracy Heartless, for helping make Tanacross happen each year!